I must be a flutist...

How many years must I play the flute to be a flutist?

How many pieces must I learn?

How fast must my fingers fly?

What chair must I sit?

How many teachers must I have to be a flutist?

What schools must I attend?

To what summer festivals must I go?

What competitions must I win?

How many degrees must I have?

What flute must I play to be a flutist?

How many flutes must I own?

Must my flute be open-holed?

Must it be gold? 

How many famous flutists must I know to be one of them?

On what stages must I have played?

What endorsements must I have?

How many headshots must I have taken?

How many Instagram, YouTube, Facebook followers must I have?

Must I answer any questions to be a flutist?

Must I be a flutist?