Practice Challenge: #SummerShedding15

For musicians tied to the academic calendar, a looser summer schedule presents the same predicament each season: Manage your time well and tackle a host of goals, or let your chops get rusty and suffer the consequences when your schedule overwhelms you in the fall.  

image from pixabay,com

image from pixabay,com

To provide a little social accountability, my friends and I have taken up #summershedding15. The rules are simple. Each day that I practice at least 10 minutes, I will tweet the total number of days I have practiced so far and my current consecutive day streak along with #summershedding15.  

Wanna join in? Just tweet @alittleflute each day with your total number of days practiced this summer (starting May 25) and your current streak. Make sure to get them in by 12:00 PM central time to count for that day (any 1:00 AM practicers should count theirs for the following day). We will see who has the most at the end of the summer!

I will be adding some mini challenges over the summer, but for this week, just focus on establishing the habit. Good luck!