Flute: Back to School Tips

At the start of each semester I always find myself reflecting on the importance of good beginnings. These can include the way we start playing an instrument, the way we set up our practice habits, the way we begin a new school year, or the way we begin a new job. When starting a new flute student, there are so many hopes and goals that it can be difficult to decide what to focus on. For band directors who start multiple students on different instruments, this is even more challenging. As I have gained experience as a teacher and clinician, I have found that there are really only a few things that are critical for flutists to establish when they first start playing. Below are my suggestions for creating good habits in your beginning flute students, as well as how get your returning flute students back into shape.  Continue Reading on SmartMusic.com

Flute Technique and the Awkward Right Thumb

As anyone who has ever taught beginning flutists knows, the flute is an awkward instrument to hold. Posture and hand position issues often linger well past the first few years of instruction, and perhaps none are as ubiquitous as the protruding right hand thumb. A protruding right thumb causes shortened tendons in the right hand, which can both restrict a player’s flute technique, and result in future hand problems... Continue reading this article at http://www.smartmusic.com/blog/flute-technique-awkward-right-thumb/